Santa Maradona

Miércoles | 31 de Enero del 2007

Mixtape vol. 1

1. Tell me one more time, what is this thing called love

2. She has a train going downtown, She's got a club on the moon

3. You got to blame it on something

4. And you may tell yourself: My god!...what have I done?

5. Now everytime I go for the mailbox , gotta hold myself down

6. I've had to work much harder than this for something I want don't try to resist me

7. Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods?

8. Please love me or I'll be gone

9. So now I come to you

10. When my heart starts to crumble

11. But we're never gonna survive, unless...

12. It was always burning since the worlds been turning

13. It's just another sunday, in a tired old street

14. I'm hot, sticky sweet from my head to my feet yeah

15. Gonna get you now! Gonna get to you! We're livin' by this inspiration

16. ready for this?

17. Baby let me show you how to do this

18. Feel the fury of the one of a kind

19.Said, if you want to call me baby (just go ahead, now) and if youd like to tell me maybe

20. Girl I close my eyes

21. I keep on running and running to you

22. (Años después) Then the rainstorm came, over me and I felt my spirit break

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